10-Day Wellness Camps in Rajasthan

About this Tour

This 10-day Wellness Tour takes place in 4 lovely resorts with the perfect scenario to do morning meditation, yoga and take long walks in nature. You will be able to learn from a  very well known Ayurvedic doctor about the benefits of this ancient science of wellness.

The level of yoga is set so everyone can participate. Nevertheless, if you are not an “early bird” or do not enjoy doing yoga and meditation first thing in the morning, you can feel free to skip it.

In this tour, three different types of ayurvedic massages are offered.   Each one of them provides different benefits for your health.  You will, with no doubt, appreciate them,  as well as the organic meals you will be enjoying.

During the day, there are excursions planned that will allow you discover part on India´s rich heritage. These excursions include, among others, dance and music performances and a  movie in Jaipur’s best theatre !

This tour has been planned to offer leasure and relaxation. So, though there is a wide variety of activities planned, they have been scheduled to provide amusement, entreteinment and relaxation.

Our route: Jaipur-Pushkar-Ranthambore National Park-Jaipur

Day 1 : Jaipur

Accomodation will take place at the Castle Kalwar or at the Mundota Fort, 2 Kms. away, subject to availabity.  When the guests stay at Castle Kalwar, luch or dinner is arranged in Mundota Fort, and viceversa.

As the first rays of the sun strike this magnificent castle you can enjoy yoga and meditation on the roof-top.

At sunrise, you will be surprised by the number of birds that will greet you in the trees and castle gardens: pigeons and parrots; peacocks and peahens.. !

After Yoga and Meditation, a breakfast consisting of fresh fruit and fruit juices, hand-grounded porridge with organic milk, sprouts, yoghurt and many more delicacies specially prepared for you.

After breakfast, around 9:30 AM, we will drive to the city, where we will see the Palace of Winds, the Observatory, the all-white Birla Temple and the Albert Hall Museum.

Lunch is held  at the famous Niros Restaurant.

After lunch, we drive back to our Hotel to relax.  Those of you who would like to, will be able to have a swim in the pool.

A wide variety of dishes will be prepared at Castle Kalwar´s  gardens, where you will be hosted by your Tour Operator and his wife to a BBQ, open bar and dinner

Overnight stay will take place in the Castle.

Day 2

6:30 AM – 8:30 AM

Under the watchful eyes and instructions of the trainer, you will be guided to learn and perform  selected “aasans” and meditation.

After a rich and healthy breakfast,  a half day excursion to Jaipur is planned, to visit the magnificent Fort Amer, the City Palace and Museum, Albert Hall and Hawa Mahal – the Palace of Winds.

Lunch will be held at the Mahal Khandela, a boutique heritage hotel  – owned and operated by the scions of the royal family of Khandela.

After lunch, we will go back to the hotel – Castle Kalwar– to enjoy a rejuvenating massage called AbhyangaAbhyanga Massage is a whole body massage using special ayurvedic oils, totone-up  the body, improve blood circulation and restore energy.

Seated on the poolside, you will learn from Dr. Sharma the long-term benefits of Abhyanga massage provides.

Before dinner you will enjoy a puppet show.
Overnight at the Castle.

Day 3 : Castle Kalwar

6:30 AM – 8:30 AM

Yoga & meditation on the roof-top of Castle Kalwar.
After breakfast take an excursion to Sanganer to see Jaipur’s world-famous craftsmen and women making hand-block printed scarves,bed & table linen. This place is also known the world over for making products from recycled paper.
Lunch at the fabulous Narain Niwas Palace – Jaipur
Return to Castle Kalwar for the ” Sirodhara” ayurvedic massage. This massage or therapy is great for deep relaxation and to help in insomnia, anxiety and mental stress.
Bar-be-cue and dinner by the Castle pool.
Overnight at the Castle

Day 4: Pushkar

Hotel Accomodation, depending on availability, will be at the Araam Bagh Pushkar Hotel or an equivalent hotel.

After meditation, yoga and a great breakfast, we will drive 140 km.,  to visit the ancient holy town of Pushkar

Pushkar is the only place where there is a temple dedicated to Lord Brahma.

We will check-in  in our hotel, an amazing resort and have lunch.

In the afternoon, we will. be visiting the sacred pond and see how “ärrti” for Lord Brahma is performed.

We will then take a walking tour around the sacred pond and the bazaars of Pushkar.

Upon return to the resort, you will enjoy an ayurvedic massage.

Dinner and overnight at the resort.

Day 5 : Pushkar

After a relaxed breakfast, and a camel ride on the dunes around, we will visit a public school in a village, where you will be able to talk to both, students and teachers.  The Tour operator will provide you with fruit to be offered to the school childen as a present.

You will experience the bright smiles that lit up in the childrens faces.  They very much enjoy the time visitors spend with them and being photographed with them.

We will then return to the resort to watch a puppet show, have dinner and stay overnight.

After breackfast the next morning, we will be leaving for Kishangarh.

Day 6 : Kishangarh

In  Kishangarh we will be staying at the  Phool Mahal Palace Hotel or equivalent hotel, subject to availability.
Kishangarh – once ruled by a
Maharaja.  We will check-in at the lake-jutting Phool Mahal Palace owned and operated by heir of the late Maharaja.

Kishangarh is known for its 16th century miniature paintings collection named Kishangarh School of Paintings. The main theme of this collection is the life of Lord Krishna – revered by Hindus across the world.  Nearby this palace stands Fort Kishangarh.

Fort Kishangarh has an impressive collection of cannons and horse drawn carriages.  In the fortress there is also a painting studio, where students learn the fine art of miniature paintings.

In the evening we will take a walk through the colourful lanes of the town and visit the small temples.

Our dinner will be held at the lake-facing garden of the palace.

Overnight stay at the Phool Mahal Palace Hotel.

After breackfast and optional Yoga and Meditation, we will leave for Rathambore.


Day 7 : Ranthambore

In Rathambore, we will be staying at the Pugmark Hotel or an equivalent hotel, depending on availability.

At Ranthabmore there is an over 800 sq. Km. tiger sanctuary, with the largest number of tigers in India.

Upon arrival and check-in, we will have lunch at the resort.

In the afternoon we will take a thrilling jeep safari to see tigers at close quarters, where you will also find langoors, cheetahs, deer and many other animals.

After the jeep safari we will be returning  to the resort for dinner and overnight stay.



Day 9 : Jaipur

After breakfast at the boutique Hotel Khandela Haveli we are driving 45 Km. from Jaipur to Samode Bagh & Palace.

In Samode Bagh & Palace we will be able to see the beautiful fresco and mirror works on the walls and ceilings of the palace

We will take a mid morning snack and see the cenatophs and temples around Samod before returning to Jaipur.

We will have lunch at the hotel and be able to enjoy a different ayurvedic massage in the afternoon.

Dinner will be held at the Hari Mahal Palace.

Overnight stay at your hotel.

Day 8 : Ranthambore

On our second day at Ranthambore, after breakfastwe will take another jeep safari to the other part of the sanctaury.

We will visit the 10th century fort of Swai Madhopur. Climbing up the fortress stairs, you will be able to see several beautiful temples. A must is the Trinetra Ganesh Temple.

After our visit to 10th century fort of Swai Madhopur we will return to the resort for lunch.  After lunch and check-out we will take a 170 Km. drive to Jaipur.

In Jaipur, we will check-in  at Hotel Khandela Haveli or an equivalent hotel, depending on availability.

We will have dinner and stay overnight at this boutique hotel.

Day 10 : Jaipur

After breakfast we will leave Khandela Haveli  Hotel (or equivalent hotel) to drive to the airport for your flight home.

End of our services after drop off at Jaipur Airport

What´s included and not in the price

1. Accommodation

4-star accommodation in boutique hotels, forts, castles and palaces.

2. Flights

Flights are not included in the Tour price.

Transportation from and to the airport is included in the price.

3. Guide
Local guides for excursions are provided.

4. Meals

Included in the price are 10 breakfasts, 10 lunches, 9 dinners and afternoon tea and coffee and snacks.
The gala dinner on the first day will be hosted by the operator and his elegant wife – open bar, BBQ and dinner by the pool-side of Castle Kalwar; with live folk music and dances.

5. Insurance

The is no insurance coverage of any kind included in the price of the Tour.

6. Optional

We suggest the guests to arrive a day earlier to the begining of the Tour, so that they can join the tour early in the morning as per the itinerary.

This wellness tour is for the beginners of yoga and meditation.  Morning sessions are optional.

7. Also included in the price

  • Unlimited amont mineral water and   fresh juices, coffee and tea.
  • Fees for meditation and yoga guru
  • 3 Ayurvedic massages
  • Excursions
  • All entrance fees
  • All activities fees
  • Local taxes

8. Other not included in the Tour price

  • Tips
  • Alcoholic drinks, except at the Welcoming Gala Dinner on the first day of the tour, which includes an open bar.

9. Type of Transport

AC cars or ac mini-coach.

Check Availability

8 + 7 =

KV Singh

IHCT Heritage & Adventure Tours Mahal Khandela Hotel Group Khandela Wellness Resort Ambershanti Global

Your host in India in your journey through this fantastic land !

Tourism Planner since 1976, Singh is widely traveled, a wild-life enthusiast, horseman, mountaineer, environmentalist and gourmet. He & several of his relations from royal families own & operate lovely boutique hotels & resorts in India where you would be warmly welcomed and personally looked after.

His wife is a social entrepreneur and conducts study tours in India for volunteers, students and teachers from all over the world.

Singh is a scion of the royal family of Khandela. The photographs displayed along side are some of his ancestors in regalia. They were great patrons of music & dance, paintings, culinary arts and were themselves gracious hosts. The tradition continues.


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