Diwali Light Festival 25 October 2019

September 9, 2019

India heritage & Culture tours

India´s Traditional Festivals are know worldwide; and Jaipur is a melting pot of Indian Heritage.

A core value of Indian Heritage & Culture Tours is to have their guests experience these traditions, hosted by scions of the royal families that have patronized for generations to nowadays.

Following KV Singh´s determination  to align the vision of Indian Heritage Tours to what his company offers its customers, we want our customers to have the opportunity to get the most out of their visit to India.

Diwali Light Festival is held on the 25 October 2019.  Diwali Festival is among the 10 most famous Indian Festivals.


Being so, Mr. Singh would like to give his customers the opportunity to attend the Diwali Light Festival as part of two of his  Culture and Heritage Tours.

We will offer an important sales price for the 2 tours that will include the Diwali Light Festival.

If you are interested in receiving information of our sales prices for this offer, we will be pleased to send them to you.

“Deepawali or Diwali is the biggest festival of all Indian Festivals. Also recognized as “Festival of Light”, Diwali intend to “the victory of Light over Darkness”and Knowledge over Ignorance. During the five days of festival, houses are lighted with number of Diya (small clay lamps) and Fire crackers are busted. Each day of Deepawali has its own tale. The festivity Begins with Dhanteras followed by Naraka Chaturdasi on second day, than Diwali on third day, Diwali Padva on fourth day and Bhai Dooj on last Day. Diwali has its significance as Lord Rama returned to Ayodhaya with his wife Goddess Sita and Brother Laxman from exile. The citizens of Ayodhaya welcomed them by lighting diyas all over their houses. The preparations for Diwali starts almost before a month as people clean and renovate their houses. Diwali also marks the beginning of New Year according to Hindu Vikrama calendar.”

You may want to have a look at the video below on the Diwali Light Festival.

Enjoy it !!

KV Singh,


owner of India Heritage & Culture Tours, and your host in India in your journey through this fantastic land !

KV Singh is a Tourism Planner since 1976. He has widely traveled, is a wild-life enthusiast, horseman, mountaineer, environmentalist and gourmet. He and other members of royal families, own and operate lovely boutique hotels and resorts in India, where you would be warmly welcomed and personally looked after.

His wife is a social entrepreneur and conducts study tours in India for volunteers, students and teachers from all over the world.

Singh is a scion of the royal family of Khandela . They were great patrons of music and dance, paintings, culinary arts; and were themselves, gracious hosts.  The tradition continues.

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