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The exceptional thing about India Heritage & Culture Tours’ offering is how its owner, KV Singh, has aligned the offering of his company’s products to its target market segment:

people want to know a country with the amalgam and cultural variety of India hand in hand with people who have been part of that environment for generations.

The result of directing its offer to the segment of travelers who are interested in getting to know India “from within” means that, since 1976, its customers’ expectations have been more than met.

We offer our customers

the opportunity to share the experience of discovering one of the oldest and most unique cultures in the world with the practice of Yoga, Mediation and gourmet experiences.
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Yoga on the rooftop terrace of Kalwar Castle, enjoying the landscape of hills surrounding Kalwar Castle; while our renowned Yoga and Meditation teacher explains and directs Yoga “Aasans”, types of Meditation; and how to make them.

8-Day Kerala and Goa: Places and Beaches, and Kochi to Goa

This 8-day trip between Kerala & Goa offers the possibility to relax on beaches of exceptional beauty, enjoy massages and seafood from this area of India; in addition to knowing the Dutch Mansions, the tomb of Vasco da Gama and the waterfalls of Cheeyappara.
Thus we walk through the spice plantations, visit the tea museum; and we can enjoy the beauty of the igesias and cathedrals along the crossing of the Mandovi River.

This tour is planned to offer a relaxed holiday, combining Yoga, Meditation, three types of Ayurvedic massages and a wide variety of organic food, with walks around the resorts, excursions to discover part of the huge herenia Cultural India, music and dance performances and a movie at the best theater in Jaipur!

The level of Yoga and Meditation is accessible to everyone, -beginners and experienced people- and attendance at Yoga and Meditation sessions first thing in the morning are voluntary; considering that there are people who prefer not to get up early during the holidays.

Ayuvedic massages are performed by a renowned doctor, who will also explain different health benefits of these massages.

Our 7-day trip – from Jaipur to Udaipur – allows you to experience the lifestyle and gastronomy of ancient royal families.

The descendants of these families, owners and managers of these properties will be your hosts and will share with you the music and dance specectacles in the gardens.

This trip offers the experience of receiving a treatment of royalty.

About KV Singh,

Owner of India Heritage & Culture Tours and host these Tours on these trips to this unique country!

KV Singh organizes sightseeing trips since 1976. KV Singh is a tireless traveler, a nature enthusiast, fond of horse riding, mountaineering and gourmet food.

He and other members of royal families are owners and managers of charming hotels and resorts in India, where you will be greeted and cared for with care.

KV Singh’s wife is dedicated to the creation and management of social enterprises and leads study trips in India for volunteers, students and teachers from all over the world.

Singh is a member of the Khandela royal family, patrons of musicians, dancers, painters and culinary arts.

KV Singh keeps the tradition alive !

More about KV Singh

Castle Khandela

Khandela Haveli Jaipur

Maharajas of India ? by KV Singh

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